Sunday, July 21, 2013

Clearly, I'm not the first...

It seems that my worries regarding being "too soon" to talk about the SHOT Show are unfounded.  I have found at least one site talking about the 2014 SHOT Show already.  I wonder how many more are already talking about the big show?

I'd like to get some feedback from everyone:

  1. Are you going to the SHOT Show?  If so, will it be your first time?
  2. If you've been before, any suggestions on which hotels to stay at (or avoid?)
  3. Any general suggestions on being a the show?  I'm pretty certain that we will have plenty of water and snacks, but what else should I be aware of?  I'm guessing I need to wear comfortable shoes.  What else?
  4. Is there anything I should try to do or see while in town?  I don't imagine I will have a lot of free time, but if I have some is there something that is a "must see?"  I've been told Penn & Teller is very good.  Anything else?
In addition to any feedback from the above list, feel free to share your SHOT Show experiences with me.  I am definitely interested in hearing all about the things that you have seen and done in the past.  I am certainly excited to see all of the new guns being introduced in 2014, but I don't want to miss anything else either!

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